UpgradePicBill’s Tarot 22 —–> Le Tarot Tournant 78

I’ve recently produced an advance copy / limited edition of Le Tarot Tournant – 78 Jeu de Cartes. As a special thank you for those people who bought a copy of the limited edition of Bill’s Tarot  22, released in March of 2000, I’m pleased to present this special upgrade offer:

1. I take the notion of “limited editions” very seriously, and I recognize that this new release may have an impact on the value of the limited edition Bill’s Tarot 22. So if you’d like, you may return your Bill’s 22, regardless of condition, for a full refund of the original auction purchase price. (If you didn’t buy it from me, let me know which numbered copy you have, and I’ll let you know the original sale price.)

The following additional options are also available:

2. Purchase a copy of Le Tarot Tournant Special Hors Commerce Edition at a special advance price. (Commercially printed on 330gsm German Superior Smooth black carbon core card stock. Edition of 28 copies.)

3. Purchase a copy of Le Tarot Tournant de Luxe Artist’s Book Edition, when it is available, at a special advance price. As an additional thank you for your early support, I will also subtract the original price of your Bill’s Tarot 22 from that reduced price. (Hand produced: InkJet printed on 100lb Strathmore Bristol stock, with books & box.)

If you’re interested in any of these options, please write to me privately here or contact me elsewhere. Let me know the copy number of your Bill’s 22, and I’ll let you know further details and how to proceed, if you wish.

This offer is good through the end of 2016. (Offer expired, but contact me if you qualify…)

At some point in the future, I hope to make Le Tarot Tournant more widely available.
Unfortunately, no other definite plans are in place at this time.
I appreciate your continued interest, and thank you again for your patience!