Le Tarot Tournant

Today is the Spring Equinox.
Another year begins.

Back in 1982, in Arthur Corwin’s Math in Art class at Cooper Union in NYC, I began this project. I set about to design a traditional tarot deck that would avoid all later occult influences, and instead reflect Professor Corwin’s interpretation of the tarot as a carefully devised visual system, grown out of Medieval Christian Europe but rooted in earlier ideas dating back to the origins of scientific thought, with particular regard for the evolving influence of timekeeping on human civilization throughout history. It has been a daunting challenge.

Having designed and painted the 22 trumps in 1984, the little stack of painted cards mostly sat in a drawer while I thought about how to proceed over the years that followed.

After much consideration, I set to finishing the full 78 card deck in 2006.

And now, nearly 35 years after starting, I’ve completed all of the paintings and developed them into two versions-

TT4Artist’s Book Deluxe Edition:
Le Tarot Tournant – Hypotyposis Systematis Mundam
presents the entire conceptual work. Click here to view.


04StackSpecial Edition Card Deck:
Le Tarot Tournant – 78 Jeu de Cartes
focuses on the cards alone. Click here to view.


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