– – – Le Tarot Tournant – – – Hypotyposis Systematis Mundam

Artist’s Book Deluxe Edition

A non-linear conceptual “book,” addressing the left-brain with multiple text volumes covering a variety of relevant subjects, and the right-brain with a deck of 78 tarot cards that are reproduced from original watercolors, both sides housed within a unique hand-made box, available in a variety of Japanese outer-paper finishes.

The deck portion is inkjet printed on 100lb 2 ply Strathmore Bristol.
The book portion is inkjet printed on 80lb Strathmore Drawing.
The outer box is hand constructed of Crescent matboard, Japanese mulberry paper, and 100lb 2 ply Strathmore Bristol.

I’m still adjusting some details, mostly in the text portions, but I expect the final edition won’t appear substantially different from the working proof copy that is shown here.

A full sale edition is expected to be available in the near future.

Click here for detail views of sample cards.


“Le Tarot Tournant” and all works, images, texts and content © Bill Wolf 2016