Oletti Tarot

This Piedmont style tarot deck was woodblock printed and hand stenciled by Pietro Oletti, circa 1870, at No.1 Via Del Gallo, in Torino, Italy. Although the artist drew upon the earlier work of Stefano Vergnano for his design, his highly individual sense of personal style has infused his characters with pizzazz, and an unmistakably quirky personality, resulting in what I think may very well be the most charming tarocchi of the 19th century! His highly developed engraving style adds to a sense of Modern Age meeting Ancient Style.

The original deck is a beautifully preserved, rare example of Oletti’s work, and was formerly in the collection of notable tarot collector and publisher, Vito Arienti. A high quality facsimile deck is currently in development, and should be available for purchase later in 2016.